When you visit a company website and you see their description stating:

Our sales team have extensive knowledge and can help you with finding your perfect [insert product or service here]. The team has over 10 years experience, a strong bloodline background within the industry, high standard customer service skills and the qualifications to back it up.

you are probably impressed. But what if we told you that that sales team consisted of :

  • John who has been working most of those 10 years within that business,
  • Sarah who is the great-granddaughter of the company founder and therefore has been surrounded by the business her whole life,
  • Peter who has worked in customer services since he was 19 years old,
  • And Rebecca who has a degree in Sales and Marketing.

If Rebecca were to leave, would that mean the company would change their website and remove that their team has qualifications in their specialised field? Probably not. Because this would remove their customer’s confidence. They may all do the same job but their knowledge is different.

This is the same as the automatic door industry and the BS EN16005.

Putting one engineer on the course and getting a City & Guilds accreditation is great news for both your company and the engineer. But only that technician has received the level of training that is required to make automatic pedestrian doors safe. Of course, they can help other engineers in sharing this knowledge. But it’s not quite the same.

Firstly, hearing important safety knowledge second hand from someone who is sharing tidbits of information is not the same as absorbing it within a training environment, safely and with a qualified trainer.

Secondly, you cannot gauge how well you are doing on-site. It poses a huge risk to those who will be using the doors once you have worked on it. Whereas our BS EN16005 has REAL automatic doors that will allow you to make mistakes without the risk.

Moreover, when your company engineers are asked present proof of their accreditation, only one will be able to do so, therefore, making that one engineer a target for most jobs, especially as the knowledge of the BS EN16005 is spreading like wildfire with each year.

Additionally, should the engineer who is trained decide to move on, you are then left with no BS EN16005 accredited by City & Guilds engineers.

Overall, it is beneficial to train your staff and not just oe or two, but all of them.

You can get your ADIA BS EN16005 CSCS card without completing an NVQ if you book and pass before January 2020. See our training dates here

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