1. The ADIA/The Automatic Door Installation Association/Association is the associate body that delivers the benefits of membership.
  2. Installer means a company that installs and/or services and maintains automatic doors. This includes facilities management companies and access control firms.
  3. Supplier means a company that supplies services and automatic door equipment to Installer companies.
  4. Sole Trader means an individual that has no employees and installs/maintains automatic doors.
  5. Member means a person or company who signs up by completing the online form or hard copy form and pays for Membership. The company is not a member until they pay.
  6. Technicians or engineers are the employees who install or maintain the automatic door.
  7. Candidates are the technicians who are taking a course or exam with the ADIA.
  8. BS EN16005 is the European Standard which automatic door engineers recognise to be the guideline to installing and maintaining automatic doors.
  9. BS EN16005 Course is an online course plus visual demonstration that the ADIA provides Members in order for them to understand the BS EN16005 document and the safe installation and maintenance of an automatic door.
  10. BS EN16005 Exam is the exam which takes place once the Health & Safety Test snf BS EN16005 Course is completed.
  11. City & Guilds Accreditation means the BS EN16005 Course and Exam (including All Online Course) meet the standards of City & Guilds.
  12. CSCS Card is the card that demonstrates engineers skills and knowledge and allows them to go on site.
  13. Membership certificate is a certificate Association members receive when joining.
  14. DoorSafe Register is the website in which the Association publish the companies and the engineers who have sat and passed the BS EN16005 accredited by City & Guilds.




  • All members are bound by the Code of Conduct, a copy of which can be found on our website or can be obtained from the administrator. In the event of a conflict between these Terms and Conditions and the Code of Conduct, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail.


  • Membership is available worldwide however all of the training given, including the BS EN 16005 Course and Exam (including All Online Course) is in English.


  • Membership starts as soon as the first invoice for membership has been paid.
  • Installer membership is contracted for 24 months, meaning members cannot leave membership until after 24 months is completed. Payments can be made in monthly installments via PayPal or Standing Order. Payments can also made in full (for 12 months) via cheque or bank transfer.


  • Sole Trader Membership and Supplier Membership are for 12 months (unless a separate arrangement has been agreed in which written confirmation must be given by the Association) and must be paid in full before membership commences.
  • Special offers for membership detail specific terms and conditions for their duration etc.



  • Automatic door Installers and suppliers of automatic door products and maintenance companies can join the ADIA.


  • The ADIA accepts security, CCTV and gate companies. 


  • The ADIA also accepts membership from facilities management companies who are required to understand the BS EN16005 and fault finding within automatic doors.


  • Please contact members directly for information on their products and/or services.


  • Companies must have experience in working with automatic doors or similar for over a year. If the company has no experience, they must receive adequate product training.



  • Sole Trader and Supplier Members will receive an invoice annually giving them the opportunity to renew their subscription. If this is not paid within 30 days we will contact the member to discuss the future of their membership.


  • Installer members will also receive a certificate annually, although their membership contracted is for 24 months.


  • Membership certificates display membership number as well as membership expiry date.




  • Payment is due on the date of the invoice.


  • Invoices are issued via email automatically (annually or monthly depending on membership type)


  • Payment can be made via Standing order, PayPal, Bank Transfer or cheque.


  • If payments are not kept up to date, the ADIA have the right to withdraw the company from membership. BS EN16005 cards will not be renewed.


  • If there is a subscription outstanding when wanting to come back into membership, the company will be required to pay the outstanding amount as well as the new subscription.



  • All members are entitled to sit the BS EN16005 course and exam accredited by City & Guilds.


  • Only engineers with over one year experience working with automatic doors can sit the BS EN16005. They must provide employment/training records to demonstrate this on application of the BS EN16005.


  • Only members of the ADIA can sit the BS EN16005 and receive card renewals. If an engineer has left the member company and is employed by a non-member, the non-member will be required to join the association to update the card.


  • Cards are the property of whoever paid for the course and exam.
  • All engineers applying for the BS EN16005 course and exam will have to complete the online ADIA Health and Safety test before sitting their BS EN16005.


  • Engineer’s with less than one year’s experience can apply for a Trainee CSCS card. They must complete the ADIA Health & Safety test before getting the Trainee Card. They must sit their BS EN16005 within a year of applying for their Trainee card. They will be listed on the DoorSafe Register as Trainee’s until they pass the BS EN16005.


  • ID must be presented at the day of the course.


  • The trainer has the right to refuse training to an engineer if they do not feel the candidate is suitable for the course. No refund will be given in this instance.


Please see Training Terms and Conditions for more information.



  • Installer Membership can be cancelled after 24 months of joining the Association.


  • Sole Traders and Suppliers can leave membership at anytime however no refund for the remainder of their membership will be given.


  • Termination of membership entitles the Association to remove members from the ADIA Website, ADIA Directory, Door-Safe Register and any ADIA promotional material.


  • Termination of membership should be made in writing (letter/email).