The ADIA online Fault Finding course is an e-learning study and exam platform complete with quizzes and videos to assist automatic door engineers to recognise faults.

This course is developed to enable people with the appropriate skills to be able to identify and assess problems associated with automatic doors.
By using simple fault-finding procedures this course will give you a system in order to assess automatic doors and be able to work out the most common problems & faults associated with Automatic Doors.
You will also by the end of this course have a better understanding about Automatic Doors and how they work.

Who can apply for this course?

If you’re an ADIA Member who has completed the BS EN16005 course and exam accredited by City & Guilds and wish to further your knowledge this course is for you. You will be asked in the application to supply your BS EN16005 details.

This course is entirely online and requires no time off-site. You can do this in your own time and at your own pace. Once you have completed the online course, you will be issued a certificate sent in the post.

You can read more about the course here. If you have any enquiries please contact

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