The ADIA engineer toolkit, like our other shop items, are incredibly useful to our members whilst they are on site to ensure maximum safety is reached for the general public.

Our toolkit is essential to safely installing, maintaining and servicing automatic doors. Be sure each engineer has them and is using them properly according to the BS EN16005 and BS7036-0.

Why? Because to comply with the BS EN16005 you are required to measure distances and force whilst the test body is to be detected ensuring the doorset stops before it touches the box, or reverse or switch over to low-speed motion as described in the product documentation.

Included in our toolkit is:

  • An ADIA 3m tape measure
  • ADIA test box
  • 300N force gauge

All this for just £120! We have previously worked with suppliers who provide cheaper products but do not have the same quality or durability as ours. To buy similar products elsewhere from other suppliers can cost over £300, therefore we are saving you money to spend elsewhere to improve the safety of the industry.

Our test body complies with the requirements as set out in the BS EN16005 and can be bought from our shop, as can the toolkit at a reduced price.

We also recommend that engineers either use our online servicing form to risk assess according to the BS EN16005 or purchase a pad from our shop.

Other additional items include:


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