ADIA members join us for a multitude of reasons. Some for training, others for free promotion. But one thing sets them apart from their competitors… The fact that they have joined an association that is always pushing for further knowledge and safety. These two factors greatly improve your desirability when it comes to working for large companies who require your services, whether it be for supplying, installing, maintaining and servicing or surveying automatic doors. 

Our members are always kept up to date which any major changes within the industry. They receive quarterly e-newsletters as well as the occasional membership or industry update

We also provide our members with a personable service with our small team meaning they feel comfortable when approaching us with their training needs of which we do our best to provide. Moreover, we ask members to give feedback on a regular basis so we can give them the best benefits available allowing members to improve their service and quality of work. For example, we offer members discounted shop items such as our engineer toolkit and servicing pads which allows them to assess the safety of automatic doors correctly and efficiently. 

Moreover, we give our Installer members the opportunity to increase their trained staff, saving them up to £350 + VAT per year to receive a free course. This means each Installer member has the opportunity to have at least one member of staff who is educated in one of our many course sectors. Saving money allows members to put their funding into other important outlets within their business allowing them to grow and improve. 

As an additional benefit of using our members, they have the chance to provide us with imagery on work they have done for companies which promote both their work and the premises. This is used on our website and via our Directory sent to 4500 businesses across the UK.

Overall, our members have the prospect of progressing and the continuing advancement of understanding the importance of safety which non-members do not have the benefit of receiving. This, therefore, means ADIA members are an important consideration when looking to work with an automatic door company. 

To see which members have completed the BS EN16005 and BS7036-0 please visit see a full list of members on A description of what each company can provide is also listed, allowing clients to choose the right company for them. 

For more information on our members, please email for details on our courses and training, please email

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