We would like to inform members of yesterday’s Trailblazer’s meeting which took place at Birmingham. The meeting included both representatives of the ADIA and ADSA, members, automatic door employers, Darren Lawrence of CITB and Diane Wilford from the Skills Funding Agency.

Paul Watson, of RTR, chaired the meeting, with Diane outlining the process of the Trailblazer’s scheme.

The first stage of creating this scheme is to develop a standard which outlines the requirements for the apprentice as well as what the scheme entails.

8 employers from the Trailblazers committee volunteered to meet in the next coming weeks to build this standard (stage 1). It will be sent to members for consultation and then once amended, it will then be put to public discussion for two weeks.

When the final changes are made it will be submitted to the Minister for approval. In the meantime, other developments to the next stages will be worked on.

We will be putting some useful links on our website and keeping members up to date as time goes on.

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