Members will have received an email containing their current Directory details. If there are amendments required, you can complete this form, scan and email it back to Alternatively, you can write your changes directly in an email.

  • Company descriptions should be no longer than 50 words. If your current description (as seen on the online Directory) is more than 50 words, please send us a shortened version. Please inform us if you want to keep the website version longer. 
  • Should you wish to advertise, you can select the size of your advertisement on the form. We will then issue an invoice with the specifications.
  • You can check if your logo is correct here. Please email a new logo if required.
  • We welcome any HQ photos of your work which will be credited and entered free of charge.
  • Any changes sent to us will be made on all databases unless specifically requested.
  • If you have joined AFTER the letter was sent out then please await the reminder email to confirm your details or check to see what we have on file.

Please ensure you send any changes to the Directory by 30th June 2017. A reminder will be sent to you closer to the time.

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