We at the Automatic Door Installation Association understand that many access control companies are looking to expand into the automatic door market and vice versa. The systems installed when fitting access control systems and automatic doors are closely connected. So why not provide both?

Becoming a member of the ADIA would allow you access to training that will assist you in entering the automatic door sector. For example, we offer a BS EN16005 & BS7036-0 course and exam accredited by City & Guilds that helps you in understanding the safety standards that need to be met. We also offer the Service and Maintenance course as well as the ADIA Access Control Course.!

When joining the ADIA you will become a member of an exclusive family of companies who are eager to educate and benefit their business. Many suppliers offer training on their products meaning you can gain knowledge within the industry and with our help, understand health and safety aspects.

If you’re interested in extending your access control business into automatic doors and gain a wide range of benefits and discounts please complete our joining application. This pack details what the association has to offer as well as a joining form that you can compete, scan and email to laura@theadia.co.uk.

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