We at the ADIA are ecstatic to announce that we have launched several fantastic new courses which will help further the knowledge of engineers and make your business stand out!

These include:

Once your engineers have passed these fantastic courses you can promote their certifications thus attracting the attention of new clients. 

We have updated our courses page to contain some more information on what you will achieve with each course and a break down of our what types of courses we have on offer (All Courses, BS EN16005 Courses, Practical Courses and Online Courses). Click here to explore the new pages and familiarise yourself with the new layout.

Find out which course is for you!


It doesn’t stop at four new courses though…

The ADIA is now offering Diplomas which you will receive on completion of selected courses (including the above).

The Diplomas are as follows. Click on the links below and to view the details of the Diplomas.

These Diplomas will give engineers (both new and experienced) the key milestone within their professional career and your business development. Other notable benefits of getting a Diploma will be making your company more desirable to potential customers. Your engineers will be acquiring new skills and competencies to be able to effectively work within the automatic door industry to a standard in which you can make a positive and beneficial contribution to the organisation.


We’ve made booking your courses even easier!

Now you can select the training dates of your choice whilst booking. You can also change the training date online.

Not only that but engineers are able to create their own username and password giving more control of their self-study platform! No longer will you have to rely on the ADIA to send you your login details. Once we have received payment for your courses your details will be activated which you will be notified via email.


With the launch of so many more new courses, the ADIA BS EN16005 accredited by Cty & Guilds course is now back to the original price of £350 + VAT, saving you £100 + VAT.

Currently, this will still include the online self-study, a free copy of the standard, 1-day assessment, training and exam, CSCS card with the DoorSafe lanyard with City & Guilds accreditation and certificate.

If you currently have a training invoice outstanding, we will be reducing this invoice amount and sending an amended invoice shortly.


As from January 2019, ADIA Installer members will be able to book one course free of charge each year (excluding Diplomas).

Members are advised to make use of this free course as they will not be rolled over or exchanged for monetary value.

In addition, members will now only be able to use their free courses after a minimum of three months.

You can view our terms and conditions here.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact paul@theadia.co.uk 

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