The ADIA was created in order to promote safety and help our members as much as possible. This is why we have made the following temporary changes in order to protect our staff, members and the public.

  • We will be offering meetings via Skype rather than face to face.
  • The ADIA team will be working predominately from home.
  • All training, including practical, will take place online, one-on-one via Skype, Whatsapp or Facetime. Paul will contact each candidate with the necessary information regarding the process. The practical element will still take place as will the assessments. This does not affect your certification.
  • Depending on how things run with the postal system, BS EN16005 cards will be issued as normal but digital copies can be emailed with the QR code linking to your DoorSafe profile demonstrating your accreditation.
  • NVQs are online assessed.
  • All certificates and membership packs will be sent via email.
  • We will be promoting our members as usual. Member benefits will continue to be available and we will be assisting members with any advice as required.

Advice to our members include:

  • Work from home if possible (administration, marketing and sales).
  • Limit face to face meetings wherever possible.
  • Engineers on and off the field to practice good hygiene unless the government changes the limitations of fieldwork.
  • Please visit Citation’s website for more advice.
  • Stay safe, alert and aware. Remember it is also about others you come into contact with as well as yourself that you are looking after.
  • Please check the Government’s website for updates.

We hope that you will stay positive, healthy and safe and that business will proceed as well as it can do in this difficult time. 

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