We are currently going through a very hard and strange time. Many businesses are slowing down their workload based on not being able to work from home. However, we know that many of our members are busier than ever due to the high demand in maintenance and new installations at key establishments such as hospitals, supermarkets and more. But when things do go a little quiet (for some, not all) there are things you can do whilst there is some “downtime”.

Email Admin: Sometimes you skim an email and never take it in OR even respond. This is the time to go back through old emails and see what you may have missed. Unsubscribe to mailing lists you never use or even signed up for, chase up people who haven’t responded to YOU and delete junk mail.

Book courses that your engineers need to take: If you have engineers who haven’t yet taken their BS EN16005 or have expired City & Guilds accreditations, it’s time to book them onto the courses they need ASAP. We are currently offering ADIA members courses online. You can book courses here. ADIA members also get access to our Free Courses.

BS EN16005 Technician cards expired? Get a new one free of charge today!: If your accreditation is still in date (less than four years after passing the BS EN16005) you can get a new card for free just by completing this form.

Get social!: Who says work isn’t a time to be using social media? As long as you’re focussing on promoting your company and what you as a business have to offer clients, it is the perfect free marketing tool. Using LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to promote recent jobs and successes as well as connecting to like-minded business owners and potential clients is now the future of company growth.

Update your marketing material and web presence: How long ago was it since you updated your website, company logo or company brochure? Have you updated your company details across your social media platforms? If it’s been some time since you had a good look at your promotional items (digital and hard copy) now is the time to think about a makeover. TOP TIP: Have a look at your competitors and make a “swipe file”. This means taking aspects of other people’s ideas and making them your own. Need some new flyers printed? Contact Newton Press for a special members discount.

Of course, these are the tasks that should be looked at regularly to ensure you are up to date. But whilst managers and other business owners are on holiday for half term, it’s time for you to get one step ahead.

For training enquiries please email paul@theadia.co.uk or for membership enquiries email laura@theadia.co.uk

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