As you may have heard we have put together a course to assist engineers in developing their skills in servicing and maintaining automatic doors safely and effectively.

There have been many changes within the industry over the past few years and we want to help your business transition into all aspects of automatic doors in the safest and quickest way possible.

Even for experienced engineers, there is still no harm in refreshing your memory and getting a certificate at the end of it. Completing this course will demonstrate to your clients the level of expertise you have acquired in servicing and maintaining their doors safely.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been working with automatic doors, as we can help you through each stage from fault finding to completing a risk assessment form.


Once you have completed all aspects of the course you will have achieved the following:

  • Recognising faults with automatic doors,
  • Knowing how to rectify the faults in accordance with the BS EN16005,
  • Recognising the components of automatic swing and slide doors,
  • Understanding  how to prevent incidents whilst servicing doors,
  • Understanding what a risk assessment is and why it is important to comply with the BS EN16005,
  • How to complete an ADIA automatic door risk assessment form,
  • How to use your toolkit (purchased separately) to complete a risk assessment when maintaining and servicing automatic doors.


The course will be £350 + VAT which includes:

  • Online ADIA Fault Finding Course (worth £150 + VAT),
  • Online self-study and learning with quizzes and mock exams,
  • Practical training day with assessments and final exam including lunch.


  • Engineer toolkit candidates needed to service & maintain the automatic doors including a newton meter, ADIA tape measure and an ADIA Test Box  (£100 +VAT).

This is the perfect starter for those who have entered the industry and will help build knowledge as well as grow skills for engineers. Don’t miss out! You can book your course here OR book a bundle with the BS EN16005

The course is for ADIA members only. Join here to become a member.  Courses must be paid for before having access to course material.  This is not a part of the ADIA BS EN16005 Course and Exam, accredited by City & Guilds although we do recommend you take the BS EN16005 course.

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