Although the former shadow chancellor and, now Strictly Come Dancing star has been a sight of amusement on the dancefloor, he didn’t find it so funny when he walked into a glass door last month.

This automatic glass door at The Guardian’s offices, hit the 49-year-old in the face as he left the building after an interview. He stated Facebook, admitting he looks like he had “done a few rounds in a boxing ring”.

Now, it always feels okay to laugh at “celebrities” but these incidents happen on a daily basis across the country leaving many injured. The automatic doors should’ve picked up Mr Balls motion before he has a chance to walk right into them. For a child or the elderly, this would’ve been a much more traumatic accident.

Don’t let it happen to anyone else, don’t let it happen to your doors. Join the ADIA today and sit the BS EN16005.  If you’re looking to have someone fit safe automatic doors click here.

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