Having a badge of any kind in this day and age is incredibly impressive to clients. It makes them feel safe in who they are working with. So why is it so important to have an ADIA logo on your promotional material?


The ADIA are a new, fresh and visionary association who want the best for their members. Although we don’t discriminate to those who care to join us, we don’t simply let anyone in. The ADIA talk to the members/potential members on what they want from the association and help them build. Even sole traders have a say!


We aim to promote your business to other industries as much as possible and use new and exciting ways of doing this as well as the traditional methods. It’s also a great opportunity to hear the opinions of how members wish to be promoted.


So why is it important to your business to be part of the ADIA? You are part of an exclusive club who get access to opportunities no one else has – a City & Guilds accreditation, your say, constant support, excellent customer service and the chance to grow. And clients like this because it means you have the backing of an association that will support you and that will train you.

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