The Automatic Door Installation Association have recently received complaints regarding various supplier companies not providing products or training.

The reason has been due to the customer/sub-contractor not being a member of the Automatic Door Suppliers Association. This is either putting businesses out of work or forcing them to join an association that they did not initially wish to be a part of.

We have previously made a complaint to the Competition and Markets Authority as this is a breach of Competition Law but it has been brought to our attention that some companies are not complying.

If you are a company that is a member of the ADSA, we would encourage you and your business not to discriminate amongst customers based on the associations they are members of. Providing they have a valid BS EN16005 certificate from either association companies should not be discriminated against.

The ADIA aim to promote our trained members but will never suggest other businesses refuse work from members of other associations.

This is incredibly damaging to businesses and could be even more damaging should the investigation be taken further.

If you have further information on this please contact

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