PPE – Personal Protective Equipment – has been worn in hazardous industries for years as a last resort to protect workers. Over the past couple of weeks, a global shortage has developed of the type of PPE used in construction to protect from concrete dusts when cutting on site.

The Health & Safety experts of our partner, Citation, have put together a short guide on what the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 require from business owners and some considerations to make when you provide PPE for your people.


Here are also some of their latest updates that you might find helpful to read:

Citation’s coronavirus business toolkit 

With daily increases of confirmed cases of the new coronavirus, Citation is also putting together a wider toolkit of essential resources that can help safeguard your business against COVID-19, including:

To read all Citation’s latest guidance, click here to visit Citation’s website.  

Got any questions about COVID-19 and the impact on your business?

Please call 0345 844 1111 to speak to a friendly advisor, or leave your details and query here. If you are a member of a trade association, just let them know which when making an enquiry.

Citation has also created a suite of products designed specifically to help businesses address the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis head on. 

With solicitors in short supply, and charging a premium for their services, they can work with you for a flat rate or on a three, six or twelve-month basis. 


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