Managing COVID-testing in your business

Did you know, it’s predicted the UK could face 2 million* cases of COVID-19 during the summer months? With the end of COVID restrictions and work from home guidance, there are huge challenges for employers to keep their workplaces and people safe as cases continue to rise.

With testing previously described as the potential difference between a business having to close because of an outbreak and remaining open, you might be considering implementing a testing policy in your business. But how confident are you when it comes to consulting on, creating and communicating a testing policy? Do you know your legal obligations?

To make sure you have everything covered and you’re on the right side of the law, the HR & Employment Law experts of our partner, Citation, have created this exclusive new guide, covering the essential considerations employers must make before implementing any testing policy in their business.


Some of the key questions the guide explores, include:

  • Can you make testing mandatory?
  • What’s the best way to communicate your stance on testing to your employees?
  • Can you ask your employees to disclose their test results?
  • What are the data protection implications of workplace testing?

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*Source: The Guardian

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