Construction News has recently published two articles (linked below) concerning card fraud, specifically how there has been an increase in fraud involving fake qualifications and certificates. Both articles speak of fraud increasingly being committed by organised criminal gangs and mention recent legal cases against fraudsters.

They discuss how foreign nationals and illegally trafficked workers are receiving these cards from individuals such as Andrew Mark Weeks without sitting any tests to prove they are skilled workers. Weeks was recently sentenced to three years and eight months in prison at Warwick Crown Court.

Do you know who’s on your site?

Organised crime ‘making £50k-£60k a week’

CSCS and partners are working on ways to prevent this from continuously occurring and are looking at the possibility of developing their Counter Fraud offer.

Be sure you get your card from CSCS or a partner, such as ourselves, to prove your skills.

You can receive an Authorised Automatic Door Technician CSCS card by completing the ADIA BS EN16005 and ADIA Health & Safety test (until January 2020).

Image via: Construction News

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