As many of you know, the ADIA partnered with CSCS in 2017 in order to provide members with an alternative to the NVQ by giving engineers an ADIA CSCS card on completion of the BS EN16005 and ADIA Health & Safety test.

However, due to the continued opposition, from January 2020 we can now only offer the ADIA CSCS cards to those who have already got the card or those who have completed an NVQ as well as the BS EN16005 and Health & Safety test. If you do not have an NVQ you will receive an ADIA Engineer card displaying their City & Guilds information only.

We would like to emphasise that the CSCS card is incredibly important to your business and that this change is not negative. This is a step towards making the industry safer and if other bodies feel this what is required to ensure those who get on site are trained to their maximum capability, we are willing to assist in making this so.

Details on the NVQ and how to obtain one will be released soon, in the meantime, you can still have your engineers get a BS EN16005 ADIA CSCS card before NVQs become a requirement.

The partnership with CSCS has not ended and all cards issued up to December 2019 will continue to be renewed without the requirement of an NVQ. 

To get your CSCS BS EN16005 before 31st December 2019 please contact our training manager Paul and apply before December 2019. 

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