The ADIA shop was designed and created specifically to give members a resource for discounted items that they need on a regular basis. Here, we will be discussing some of those items and why you need them to do your job effectively and safely. 


What’s included?:

  • ADIA test body – worth £63 + VAT
  • ADIA 3m tape measure – worth £5.83 + VAT
  • 300N force gauge – worth £68 + VAT

Within the engineer toolkit members receive a test box, a force gauge and tape measure. All three sound like standard items that probably won’t affect an installation or maintenance work. However, this is certainly NOT the case! This is our biggest seller at just £100 plus VAT and below you will see why that is…

If you have taken our BS EN16005 and Service and Maintenance (both accredited by City & Guilds) courses you will know that all three items are important when working directly with automatic doors.

Within the BS EN16005, CA reference bodies (aka test bodies) are mentioned on several occasions with specific references to safety testing. Our test bodies fit the requirements as set by the BS EN16005 and adorn the ADIA logo as well as the DoorSafe logo, promoting your dedication to safety. It is also robust, ensuring no damage during transport or before you have even received it. We decided to create our own as we previously found they would often arrive at members’ premises damaged delaying their use as it was needing to be replaced. We are proud to state that we have had no complaints of this with our improved design (so far!)

Another handy, daily tool is our 3m tape measure. Once again, this is decorated with the ADIA logo branding your business as safety aware especially to clients. The tape measure will assist you in measuring the correct activation distances and more to create certainty of public well-being.

Moreover, within this toolkit members will receive a 300N force gauge, which can be bought for over £275 from some online resources. This is what should be used to determine the force behind a moving automatic door. For example, section of the standard covers low energy movement and how much force is required to stop a doorset from opening and closing further than required during an opening and closing cycle. Without this force gauge that force will be unknown.

All three items can save someone from injury or worse, whether it be a child, the disabled or elderly.

You can purchase your toolkit here.



What’s included? 

  • x 20 Stickers (Keep Clear or Automatic Door)

Do automatic doors require signage? We have discussed this previously (see more here) and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Therefore you shouldn’t be without Automatic Door and Keep Clear Stickers.

Section 11 of the BS7036-0 states that door signage “should be used to instruct and inform users to keep away from the space through which a power operated door travel.”

This is to prevent the public from obstructing or injuring themselves via the doors. For example, should an automatic door not have the signage on it, the disabled or elderly may not be aware that it is automated. This can cause accidents and obstruction.

The BS EN16005 says, “Warning signs shall be used to draw the users’ attention to residual risks if any.”  The automatic doors are a risk in itself, so we advise that signage is placed at all times.

You can buy Automatic Door stickers here and Keep Clear stickers here



What’s included?

  • 1x Servicing form pad – worth £9.50 + VAT
  • 4x DoorSafe van stickers – worth £10.00 + VAT
  • 5x ADIA Log Books – worth £12.50 + VAT
  • 1x Sheet of DoorSafe registered foil door stickers (20 per sheet) –  worth £4.50 + VAT

Risk assessing is one of the largest safety factors when working on an automatic door. This task allows engineers to eliminate hazards, hazardous situations and events. Our Risk Assessment Checklist gives members guidance that covers all that they need to analyse when assessing automatic doors.

Alongside the Risk Assessment checklist, the final verification and operational tests are recorded in the ADIA log book which details dates and the signature of the manufacturer or the installer for doorsets.

On completion of safe installation, DoorSafe foil stickers can be applied to the operator, demonstrating that the door fits the requirements as set by the BS EN16005 and BS7036-0. You can also promote your BS EN16005 knowledge with our DoorSafe van stickers!

Purchase the ADIA DoorSafe Starter Kit here


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