What makes a door “automatic”?

Within the BS EN16005, doors are referred to as power operated doorsets. The definition of this is that they are “for pedestrian passage only with one or more leaves that is moved, at least in one direction, by an external energy supply (e.g. electrically) instead of manual or stored mechanical energy.”

Power operated doorsets  can be “activated automatically, manually or remotely” (a BS 7036-0, section 9.1)

Automatic activation is, “The function of automatic activators is to ensure that activation is achieved by a person approaching a doorset at normal walking pace.”

Therefore if no manual activation is required, it is then classed as an automatic pedestrian doorsets.


What is a Manual Activated Door?

According to 4.5.2 of the BS EN16005 “Manual activation enables the user to open a power operated doorset by deliberately operating a manual device”.These doors may close automatically but are initially controlled by manual activation.


Does it require any signage?

As recommended in the BS 7036-0 it should be ensured that appropriate signage is affixed to the power operated door system on completion of installation and that the responsibility for the continued display and maintenance of such signage lies with the building owner/occupier.

Signage is listed within risk assessments and should, therefore, be covered in accordance with the document.


Do Manual Activated Doors require an Automatic Door Sign?

The BS 7036-0, section 9.3 mentions that “operating signage should be provided where appropriate” but does not state what sign is required.

It also states under section 11.6 that an Automatic Door Sign should be used to indicate that the door is activated automatically. Which means when a door is manually activated, it is not an automatically activated powered doorset.

Instead, other signage can be used, such as Keep Clear as this will inform users to keep away from the space through which a power operated door travels. But having an automatic door sign is not necessarily an issue as the signage is there to draw the users attention to the risk.

Overall, manual or remote power operated doors are not fully automatic but are definitely under the automatic door umbrella and require the same amount of risk assessment as any other automatic door. The most important thing is to fit signage as opposed to having a door which poses any sort of risk, with none. 

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