We hope you are having a wonderful week so far and are keeping busy!

Whether you came to the AGM last week or were unable to make it, we like to be sure that you are updated with what we discussed to ensure you are kept informed of what we have done for members and what we intend to do to make your membership the best it can possibly be.

But first, we must thank all those who attended the golf day and AGM whilst congratulating Jason Lill of SDG for winning the golf competition! We hope that all competitors had a great time and dinner guests enjoyed their three-course meal that evening.

As for the Meeting itself, we were incredibly happy with the feedback and are positive that members will be impressed by what we have achieved and planned for the very near future.

First to speak was The Association Director, Anne Saxby who gave guests an update on how the association is continuing to grow and improve, what benefits we’ve introduced, including discounts and business assistance.

This included offering Installer members one free BS EN16005 every year (to be refreshed each January) as from 2019. This will save members HUNDREDS of pounds a year. See more of what Anne talked about here and be kept in the loop of association goings on!

Following Anne, our training manager, Paul Saxby, discussed the extraordinary benefits of our current courses as well as how we have improved them to make members lives easier.

It was also explained why certain changes to the training have helped developed candidates’ knowledge of the BS EN16005 and Service and Maintenance.

Paul also informed guests that we have several new courses coming your way! Exciting times right?! Well, you can view more information on what we have in store for you here. Of course, we will be doing an independent email and web update VERY soon so please keep your eyes peeled for that.

Our other guest speakers were invited to offer guidance and tips on how services within the industry can help their business. For example,  Patrick Caroll of Citation talked about how our members can protect their business and money by following certain employment and HR law practices. You can see his presentation here and the benefits of using Citation here.

James Thomas from CITB discussed how members can obtain training grants, again saving members money on developing their skills. James was followed by Alan O’Neile from CSCS.

Mike Coggins, member and part of  the trailblazers committee gave an update which outlined where the committee was with putting together the apprenticeships and what is required for it to be completed.

We were incredibly happy attendees asked questions and raised valid points throughout the day which demonstrates the benefits of attending meetings such as this. We hope to see more of you at our next event which we will be letting you know about shortly.

Please feel free to ask any questions about the AGM or any of the content that was discussed on the day. Also be sure to watch out for our training update. 

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