We Can Accredit You

We know you’ve heard about the BS EN16005 about 100 times. But whilst you’re not a member of the ADIA, taking this course and completing this exam, we’re aware that you don’t know enough about it.

The ADIA’s BS EN16005 exam, accredited by City & Guilds, provides ample online training including mock tests and quizzes, a face to face day of learning (unless completing the all online version) and a digital exam.

Once you or your engineers have passed the exam your company and accredited engineers will be listed on the DoorSafe website, issued a certificate and technician’s card with an ADIA number as well as City & Guilds number. The card includes also the company logo.

You can see why the BS EN16005 being accredited by City & Guilds is so important here.

Want your BS EN16005? Join now.

Promotional & Future Business Opportunities 

Yes, we have an online Directory. Yes, we have a printed directory. But who sees it?

Well, we send letters, directories and flyers to over 3500 companies that need automatic doors. Most importantly we promote those who have done the above… Sat the BS EN16005.

We tell those thousands of people on our database that they should be using DoorSafe engineers on their automatic doors. We even have a link to everyone’s DoorSafe profile on the ADIA Directory, just so businesses know.

Not only that but we recently had businesses personally contact us asking for who they should use. We sent them our database and they are meeting with two of our members this week.

The Little Guys Count Too

We don’t just focus on big businesses. We cater and care about the needs of small businesses to massive companies with over 1000 engineers. That is why our price for membership stays at its current rate because as your business does grow, we don’t want you to have to pay more for it. Everyone is equal.

Not only do we keep our subscription rates the same (even as benefits grow), we also let everyone’s voice be heard. The ADIA are not run by  committee. We are run by the membership. This is why we are continually inviting our members to meetings and events so that they always have the opportunity to have their say.

We Can Save You Money

Need to hire a van or car? We have a Budget discount code.

Want a credit check done? We can do it at a discounted rate with Equifax.

In need of business insurance? Square Mile have it covered.

We have a tonne of discounts that you can use to help your business save money. Oh and not only that, we have discounts for every day things too, like Merlin passes and Vision Express. Can’t see a benefit you want? We’ll get it for you. That’s how our membership works. So, what are you waiting for?

We Make Lives Easier

We have found all of these wonderful benefits and discounts for our members, surely there cannot be more on offer? Of course there is!

The ADIA have created a template marketing letter so members can contact potential clients instantly. We can design a new website for you so business owners will be impressed. We’ve got anonline servicing form so members can service doors with no more paper work. Need a spare part, door signs and more? We have an online shop where we can get the best rate for

It is our mission to make your business grow and life easier. We at the ADIA care about the public’s safety and what our members get for their money. Being a member is not just about getting work, saving costs and time. It’s also about being part of something bigger. Being update on what’s going on in the automatic door world and being able to voice your views and opinions. If you want to be a part of that family, join us 

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