For those Installer Members who wish to pay for their membership a year up front, we want to thank you.

And we’ve done this by giving you £100 off your membership fee. That’s right! If you want to renew your subscription or join and pay in one hit you will only pay £900 + VAT instead of £1000 + VAT.

The best bit? This is not a special offer… This is FOREVER.

Current Members Paying Annually

We have updated your recurring invoices so you will receive the new price automatically once you are due to renewal.

Current Members Paying Monthly BUT Want to Pay Annually

When your membership certificate has expired (email for information) we can begin your Annual Invoices instead of monthly.

New Members

When you apply to join, simply select annual payment within the payment method option and we will arrange for the invoice to be sent to you.


Note: Installer membership (not sole trader or suppliers) is for a minimum of 2 years (24 months). The reduced cost is from 7th November 2017. Any payments made before this date will not be refunded or credited. 

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