What Makes the ADIA Stand Out From Others?

One of the main questions we get before a company joins us  is “what makes you different from XYZ?”

Firstly, we are always happy to hear this question, as we pride ourselves on our differences. We never would deter others from joining another association, as all businesses require different benefit types and have different needs. However, we have outlined a brief list of differences below. 


  • We are the only automatic door association that gives away one free courseevery year to Installer members. This saves Installers up to £420! 
  • Supplier members get one FREE Online BS EN16005 for Office Staff Course (worth £50 + VAT).
  • We are the only association that offers automatic door diplomas that covers specific roles within the industry. 
  • Our association is not run by a committee, we regularly send members questionnaires, surveys and feedback in order to improve our benefits and services. 
  • Our benefits list is ever growing and developing with the needs of our members. 
  • We charge members their subscription based on what their company does (Installer, Sole Trader and Supplier) not by how much money they make. Join today!
  • Installers get £100 off membership if paying annually. 
  • The ADIA have a huge range of courses to help develop skills for automatic door engineers, not just the BS EN16005. 
  • We have seven FREE Health and Safety courses for members. 
  • We promote our members as much as possible. This can be via social media, our newsletter contacting your potential clients (5000+).
  • ADIA members can promote their vacancies for free on our website and blog. 
  • The ADIA are personable and fit around the members’ needs. 
  • We have a partnership with Citation who offer members discounted rates and free guides to help with HR and Health & Safety advice.

These are just some of the great reasons to an ADIA member. But remember, there is nothing stopping you from having more than one membership! If there is something you feel we are missing, let us know by emailing laura@theadia.co.uk and we will see what we can do to help you.