Unlocking Benefits with the ADIA – Exclusive Advertising Opportunity

As we move towards the end of January, the Automatic Door Installation Association (ADIA) is gearing up for an ambitious promotional campaign in Spring 2024. This campaign is not only a boon for our existing members but also serves as a glimpse of the potential benefits for businesses considering joining the ADIA.

Reaching Out to Over 5000 Businesses

Our members and their professionally trained engineers will be showcased to an expansive network of over 5000 businesses, including:

– Architects
– Builders
– Building/Construction Contractors
– Councils
– Fabricators

Why Join ADIA? 

If your business is not yet a part of the ADIA, here’s what you’re missing out on:

– Free Listing on Our Website: Enhance your business’s online presence.
– Targeted Advertising Opportunities: Get your brand in front of a relevant audience.
– Access to Professional Training: Equip your team with the latest skills and knowledge.
– Exclusive ADIA Shop Access: Discover products tailored to your needs.
– Complimentary Online Servicing Forms: Streamline your operations efficiently.
– Join us today at www.theadia.co.uk/join-the-adia.

Spring 2024: Elevating Safety, Quality, and Visibility

Our promotional efforts for our members will include:

– Tri-Fold Brochure and Email Campaign: Reaching vital sectors with detailed information about our members.
– Membership Directory and DoorSafe Register: Showcasing the high level of training provided by ADIA.
– Focus on Compliance and Safety: Emphasizing the importance of City & Guilds Accreditation and ADIA BS EN6005.
– Advocating for Legal Compliance: Stressing the necessity of adhering to the Machine Directive and The Equality Act 2010.

Exclusive Advertising Opportunity for Members

Members can take advantage of an exclusive offer:

  • Advertise for £75+VAT
  • Feature your company in our brochure and prominently on our website.
  • Limited to 6 spots – first-come, first-served.
  • Deadline: 1 March 2024.

To Stand Out, We Recommend for All Businesses:

– Providing a high-quality logo.
– Crafting a concise, impactful description of your unique offerings.
– Ensuring your engineers are trained in line with DoorSafe and BS EN16005 standards.
– Keeping your contact details current on our directory.


Whether you’re a longstanding member or a business considering membership, the ADIA offers a wealth of opportunities to elevate your business. For more information on membership benefits or our upcoming promotional campaign, please reach out to Laura at laura@theadia.co.uk.

Join us in our commitment to safety, quality, and enhanced business visibility with the ADIA – where every member’s success is our priority.