The Rise of Automatic Doors: A Touchless Future

In recent times, automatic doors have transcended from being a modern convenience to an essential feature in buildings across the UK. This shift is largely driven by the need for greater accessibility and compliance with UK building regulations. However, the impact of COVID-19 a few years back has further amplified the importance of these installations, highlighting a societal shift towards minimising contact with frequently touched surfaces.

Touchless Technology: A Response to Modern Needs

The pandemic has reshaped our interactions with everyday objects, pushing the demand for touchless technology to the forefront. Automatic doors play a pivotal role in this new era by eliminating the need to handle doors manually, thereby reducing the risk of spreading germs. This feature is not just about convenience; it’s about promoting a safer, healthier environment.

Benefits Beyond Health

The advantages of installing automatic doors extend beyond health and safety. They are instrumental in ensuring smooth traffic flow and enhancing energy efficiency within premises. By regulating access and minimizing the amount of time doors remain open, they significantly reduce energy wastage, which can lead to lower heating and cooling costs.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Installer

While the benefits are clear, the selection of an automatic door installer and supplier is critical. The safety of these systems hinges on adherence to stringent standards, notably those outlined in the BS EN16005 – the code of practice for the safety of automatic doors for pedestrian use. Unfortunately, numerous incidents occur each year due to non-compliance with these standards.

Our organisation stands committed to elevating the standards of installation and maintenance in the industry. We offer our members comprehensive training courses, accredited by City & Guilds, ensuring they are proficient in the BS EN16005 guidelines. By choosing one of our members for your automatic door installation, you are opting for a service that prioritises safety and professionalism.

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As we navigate these changing times, the shift towards automatic doors is becoming more pronounced. Not only do they facilitate compliance with legal requirements and enhance accessibility, but they also support public health initiatives and energy conservation efforts. When considering installation, remember that the expertise of the installer is just as crucial as the quality of the door itself. Choose a provider that guarantees not only the efficiency of the installation but also the safety and reliability of the equipment.

Opt for safety, opt for professionalism. Ensure your automatic doors are installed by certified experts trained in the highest industry standards.