The Benefits of Training with ADIA

Time and money are two important factors for your business. However, safety is one of the most prominent factors for the Association and our members.


This is why we offer Installer members one FREE course a year. Not only does this save them money (up to £420 annually) but it helps their staff grow their automatic door safety knowledge as well as demonstrating their skill set.

You can see the benefits of training your staff here.


To assist engineers in their learning we ask each candidate to complete the online self-study whenever and wherever they can. Once this is completed we will arrange an online training session via video call to discuss practical elements and run through theoretical situations before completing the exam. This way engineers are not made to travel and be off-site for too long. 


Not only do your automatic door technicians increase their knowledge of door safety both theoretically and practically but included within the costs of each practical course they receive a City & Guilds accreditation which no other training association can offer*. City & Guilds is a recognised accreditation across the UK and is, therefore, a symbol of excellence and quality something all engineers strive for. 


From January 2020 the ADIA are required to offer CSCS cards only on the completion of the BS EN16005 accredited by City & Guilds and an NVQ Level 2. Read more here.

All of our engineers who completed the BS EN16005 before January 2020 obtain Grandfathers rights and continue to have their card renewed under CSCS. Newer engineers will need to complete an NVQ however this step is definitely a benefit in itself as NVQs truly present the knowledge our members have for their craft. We do suggest even those who have a CSCS card also complete an NVQ as a way of showing their clients their skill and dedication to safety. 


The ADIA provides members with a range of courses to suit different roles within the automatic door industry. This is why we created the ADIA Diplomas, which go the extra mile in guiding members through the process of safely installing, surveying and estimating, servicing and repairing and commissioning an automatic door operator and accessories.

Our Diplomas are built up from a selection of our individual courses which, on completion of each course, results in an overall Diploma certificate for candidates. 

The Diplomas are as follows. Click on the links below and to view the details of the Diplomas.

These Diplomas give engineers (both new and experienced) the key milestone within their professional career and your business development. Another notable benefit of getting a Diploma will be making your company more desirable to potential customers. Your engineers will be acquiring new skills and competencies to be able to effectively work within the automatic door industry to a standard in which you can make a positive and beneficial contribution to the organisation.

If you haven’t used your free annual course (Installer members only), you can use this against one of the courses within the Diploma (discounted from your Diploma invoice).

Overall, the association are here to help you save time and money as well as grow a safer industry. We want your clients to see that engineers are qualified in supplying the best service available. 

*The ADIA are the only association offering the BS EN16005 with a City & Guilds accreditation.