The ADIA Directory – Now with Google Maps!

Google Maps is a virtual atlas of addresses allowing businesses to search for local companies and locations. It seems simple and self-explanatory, but Google has changed over the past couple of years making Maps a chargeable service, with a complicated setup for those who wish to utilise it on their website. 

However, as we are always looking on improving our member experience, we have upgraded our directory to integrate the Maps feature and create a new and improved search function for those wishing to locate automatic door and security companies, via location.


All too often we receive a call asking for “an automatic door company in ENTER LOCATION HERE” and we find ourselves scrambling through our large list of members attempting to find a few options for clients in need of auto door assistance. Of course, we always deliver but now we have a process in which we, as well as your customers, can locate members with complete ease. 

On our improved Directory, we have a full map of members as well as a postcode search option so your potential clients can choose companies within their area or within a certain mile radius.

Your pin on the Maps links directly to your company profile, where you have provided us with details of your business and contact information, promoting yourselves to the hundreds of thousands of organisations and sectors that require your services. 

Of course, we also have the categories function too, allowing members to select the sectors they cover within the industry.

Be sure your membership details are up to date!