Stand Out To Potential Clients + Advertising Opportunity

At the end of February, the ADIA promoted our members and trained engineers to over 5500 businesses including… 

  • Architects
  • Builders
  • Building/Construction contractors
  • Councils
  • Fabricators


We have also advertised a similar article in the Door Industry Journal spring edition and blog that comes out this spring! 

What is it we are promoting?

Our priority, as is yours, is safety and quality. This is something we want to push to all the business types above. We will discuss the importance of using a company that takes legislation and health & safety seriously. 

We will promote the legal requirements of automatic doors (Machine Directive and The Equality Act 2010) and where the ADIA BS EN6005 fits in with this. This will include our City & Guilds accreditation and its significance. 

Moreover, we will link/direct these businesses to not just our Membership Directory but the DoorSafe Register so they can see what your engineers are trained in with the ADIA.

Want to stand out?:

  • Advertise on our website for £50: Be featured on the ADIA homepage and at the top of the member directory. Up to 5 members, first come first serve. We also ask for HQ photos of your logo and work! Email for more information on how we can work together.
  • Supply us with an HQ logo;
  • Have a detailed but short description of why companies should use you;
  • Have trained engineers as we will be directing the companies to DoorSafe promoting the BS EN16005. Be sure your cards are all up to date!
  • Have up-to-date contact details. You can see your current details here and update them here. If we have missed anything, please let us know! 
For more information please email