Scammer Alert

We have been made aware of various schemes where people will contact members after finding contact names and numbers from the website and then offer them work for a payment fee.

Usually, these schemes are a scam that doesn’t lead to any work.

The ADIA are an independent body and do not have any affiliation to such schemes.  You should never have to pay for work. Nor do we sell member information. The information published and shared amongst members is supplied directly from the member as part of our membership terms and conditions.  

This industry is very competitive with many opportunities throughout the country calling out for engineers and subcontracted works.

We advertise jobs here and recommend getting involved in the various LinkedIn communities in order to discover jobs and subcontracting work. 

We are regularly contacted by companies requiring door engineers or door companies to help them fix, service and maintain doors. In this instance, we will direct them to the Doorsafe Register to find local companies, with BS EN16005 trained engineers, that will be able to assist them. 

Should you be contacted by such a person or company claiming to be affiliated with the ADIA, please get in touch with us first.