New Year, New Free Course!

We as an association know that both finances and training are important factors to your business.

We also know it is imperative to train your staff at a reasonable cost. 

This is why we offer Installer members one of ANY of the following courses FREE each year  

and more

You will also be able to book the BS EN16005 Refresher using this free course, so you may not need to pay for an engineer to be accredited by BS EN16005 City & Guilds!

This means you can save up to £350 + VAT per year and still get your staff trained.

A few (boring) yet important things to mention:

  • This is available to INSTALLER members only,
  • One engineer only,
  • You will not be able to use two free courses in one year and none the next,
  • The value of the course does not matter, therefore you cannot combine two cheaper courses to match the value of a higher-priced course.
  • It does not include diplomas (although you can deduct the cost of a course from the Diploma fee)
  • If you haven’t used a free course by the end of the year you cannot roll it over into the next. One course ONLY!

Don’t delay, be sure to use your free course before the end of each year.