Due to popular demand, the ADIA has put together some Risk and Method Statement sheets for our members to easily download and complete. They are in Word format so can be easily edited.

How to get your RAMS

  • Simply log in with your ADIA membership details (email laura@theadia.co.uk if you require this information)
  • Click here
  • You will see a DOWNLOAD HERE* link which will take you to all of the risk assessment sheets.
  • Click on the document you wish to view/download
  • In the top right of your window, you will see a DOWNLOAD button. Select this and your file will download.
  • Do NOT distribute this outside of your company, otherwise, it defeats the concept of this being a useful benefit to members!

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Troubleshooting for logging into the member area:

  • Complete your login details
  • You will be asked to complete them again, perhaps with a math question. This is to prevent spam and hackers.
  • If your account is blocked (this will be due to multiple failed login attempts) please email paul@theadia.co.uk