The Prime Minister’s press conference that was released on Monday 4th January announced a stronger lockdown, similar to the one in March, with some new rules 

We understand that many businesses will experience many of the same struggles that occurred in Spring however, we want members to be assured that we are still there for them during this period.

We are still here to help upskill your engineers and saving you time and money with our range of benefits which will push your business above and beyond your competitors.

The association will continue to:

  • Give regular updates and advice via email and our website in partnership with Citation. This way you can ensure your business is one step ahead. Members can view COVID advice via the Member Area when logging in.
  • Issue BS EN16005 card renewals free of charge.
  • Provide quality, one-to-one online training in a huge range of courses via video call complete with an exam. This includes our brand new ADIA Gate Safety Course!
  • Delivering our online training courses which include SEVEN FREE Health & Safety courses.
  • Process shop orders, delivering a selection of incredibly useful safety tools and promotional items at a discounted rate to MEMBERS ONLY.
  • Creating online Service Forms to allow you to invoice clients immediately, saving you time and money.
  • Sending updated membership certificates on receipt of renewal complete with a £50 discount to the ADIA shop.
  • Offering technical support via telephone and email



Since the COVID-19 outbreak, we have been busy delivering ADIA members online training via Skype, Whatsapp video, and Facetime. 

This has allowed engineers to train from home or the office, providing safe social distancing measures, but it has also saved time and money due to the lack of travel required to get to a venue. 

We have found that the main benefit to the engineers has been the focus and attention that is directed fully on the engineer. They have been able to receive full support and guidance on what they need to improve. They have also mentioned feeling encouraged in a positive and non-pressured environment. 

The courses still include our practical assessments and scenarios using our automatic doors followed by an online exam.




Please let us know if you require assistance by emailing

Please continue to follow the guidelines and rules set out by the government, wash your hands, keep your distance from others and continue to wear PPE.