With localised lockdowns springing up and the reintroduction of some national restrictions, the Health & Safety Executive is continually carrying out more spot checks.

Are you confident that you have everything in place to pass an unannounced COVID-secure inspection? 

If you’d like the reassurance that you’ve got the right measures in place, check out this brand-new checklist from ADIA Preferred Supplier, Citation, to help prepare for your spot check. 


You can also join their experts this Friday at 11 AM during their Facebook Live Q & A on ‘How to pass your COVID-inspection confidently’. 

Register here to ask all your pressing questions and speak to our team first-hand. 

Got any questions, or want to find out more about your member benefit?

Thanks to our many years of working with automatic door installers and suppliers – especially during this unprecedented time – we know just how important it is you get your HR and Health & Safety compliance just right.

Want to win more business? We are also able to help you prepare all the evidence you need about your policies and procedures to help you demonstrate exactly what you need when completing tender applications. Plus, to gain an edge on your competitors, you can get ISO certified and SMAS accredited.

If you’re ready to start planning for the next few weeks and you want the help, guidance and advice of Citation’s expert team, call 0345 844 1111 or leave your details here

Quote ‘The Automatic Door Installation Association’ when enquiring to access your member benefit.