How To Avoid Email Scams

We just wanted to quickly update you about that scam email situation we mentioned yesterday. It turns out, these scammers are quite sophisticated. 

These scam emails pretending to be us are using the names and info from our public list of members.They’re getting good at looking like our emails, and now they’re even sending fake invoices through PayPal under the name “ADIA MENZL” – which, just to be clear, isn’t us at all.

This kind of thing can happen when email addresses are out there for anyone to see. But, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean our systems have been hacked. This is a very common thing in 2024. 

The fake emails look like they’re from us, but if you take a second to check the email address by clicking on it, you’ll see it’s actually from some other email that ends in @mistral. So, it’s really important to always double-check where an email is coming from before you do anything with it.


– Verify the Sender: Always check the email address of the sender. If it doesn’t exactly match the official email addresses of our team members, consider it a red flag. Remember, if it doesn’t come from a member of our team, it’s not us.

– Watch for Typos and Odd Phrasing: Scam emails often contain spelling errors or unusual language. If an email doesn’t sound right, it’s a sign to be cautious.

Be Cautious with Links: Avoid clicking on any links in suspicious emails. If you must check, hover over the link to preview the URL without clicking it.

Double-Check Unexpected Requests: If you receive an invoice or request that you weren’t expecting, confirm its legitimacy directly with us before taking any action.

– Ignore Pressure Tactics: Scammers often use urgent language to prompt quick action. Take a moment to assess the situation before reacting.

– Guard Your Personal Info: Remember, we will never ask for your sensitive information via email. If you’re asked for personal or financial details, it’s a scam.

– Report Suspicious Emails: If you encounter a dubious email, please let us know, and then delete it. Your reports help us warn others and strengthen our community’s defence.

Your security is our top priority. By remaining vigilant and adhering to these guidelines, you can help safeguard yourself against these digital threats. Should you ever question the authenticity of an email, don’t hesitate to contact us for verification.

If you have any worries or need a hand with anything, just shout. We’re here to help.