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ADIA Members are entitled to FREE fuel cards!

Savings of up to 3-4p per litre*
A weekly fixed price on diesel, even at expensive stations,     including motorways !
Simplified administration and no unclaimed VAT !
Credit on your fuel purchase
No contract or tie in

The Keyfuels card can be used at 1 in 5 sites in the UK, all at one price, regardless of what price it says at the pump

A weekly fixed price on diesel at over 1700 stations
Access to around 1 in 5 stations in the UK
HMRC VAT approved invoicing, without the need for receipts
One simple invoice and payment by direct debit for your fuel
Complete fuel and mpg reporting
Sat nav files and data integration with Telematics
Full range of fixed price & pump price card are also available

Visit to find out more or call 0845 073 0873 to speak with a fuel consultant.
The Keyfuels fuel card is provided by The Fuelcard Company on behalf of Automatic Door Installation Association.
*against national average diesel prices