FREE ADIA Gate & Barrier Course Plus Complimentary ADIA Gate & Barrier Risk Assessment Form!

Introducing Our Brand New ADIA Gate Risk Assessment Form!

Acknowledging the valuable feedback from our esteemed members, we’re excited to introduce a new, user-friendly online risk assessment form designed specifically for automatic gates and barriers.

This innovation mirrors the convenience we’ve provided through our automatic doors assessment tool, now bespoke for automatic gates and barriers, enhancing your experience with us.

Free ADIA Gate & Barrier Course for Members

We are delighted to extend an exclusive offer: ONE FREE ADIA GATE & BARRIER COURSE, accredited by City & Guilds, to every member for an entire year, up until 14 February 2025.

This opportunity is open to all ADIA members, from sole traders to suppliers and installers, and will not impact the annual free courses allocated to Installer members. 

Why take this course?

  • City & Guilds accredited.
  • Completely online with one-to-one support when required.
  • Card and certificate on completion.
  • Listed on DoorSafe Register on completion.
  • Card renewable annually. Refreshers are to be taken every four years. 

The course offers comprehensive coverage of current legislation, testing, inspection, and risk assessment techniques, including a specialised segment on completing the Gate & Barrier Risk Assessment Form.

We pride ourselves on offering each member a fully customised ADIA Gate Risk Assessment Form, adorned with your company logo and sent directly to your preferred email address.

  • To book your complimentary ADIA Gate & Barrier Course, accredited by City & Guilds, please follow this link.
  • Click here to request your personalised ADIA Gate & Barrier Risk Assessment Form.

The boring bit…

  • You must be an ADIA member to complete any courses. 
  • To qualify for a free ADIA Gate & Barrier Risk Assessment Form, your company must have at least one engineer who has completed the ADIA Gate & Barrier Course, accredited by City & Guilds. 
  • Courses must be booked and used by 14 February 2025 to be valid. 
  • One course per member company, after which the course is chargeable at £300 + VAT.
  • If a company should leave membership access to the forms will be prohibited and certificates will not be replaced/renewed.