The short answer?


But why pay £350 + VAT for the ADIA BS EN16005?

Well, if you are an Installer member you get one course free per year, saving you up £420. So, why not take that freebie and see how worth it the course is?

And it is worth it.


Firstly, the ADIA BS EN16005 is the ONLY BS EN16005 that is accredited by City & Guilds and in partnership with CSCS (on completion of the BS EN16005 and NVQ). This means we have been audited (annual) and approved by two major certification bodies in the UK. We have worked tirelessly to ensure our training is as thorough as possible which has been approved by both parties.

Our training is not simply a few hours of being told how automatic doors work, as we know no one really learns that way. And with the big (as well as small) changes over the years in the industry, it’s not just a case of memorising numbers and measurement. We want engineers to be certain that they will be confident in both the theory and practical aspects of making a pedestrian automatic door safe.


Each candidate is sent a training pack with their BS EN16005 document (worth £238), BS 7036-0 (worth £198) as well as additional information. They will also be emailed their login information for the e-learning portion of the training. This is where engineers will take mock exams and develop their theory of the standard

If the assessment and training day hasn’t yet been arranged, engineers can plan the date where they will complete the online training session which includes videos on the practical aspects of automatic door safety. They can discuss with the trainer any queries throughout the course. 

Once online assessments are completed and approved by the trainer, candidates will then sit a multiple-choice exam. They will find out their results then and there. Should they fail, they can re-sit the exam (only on the day).

Every engineer who has passed the BS EN16005 (and health and safety test) will receive a BS EN16005 certificate (with City & Guilds logo and number), ADIA BS EN16005 card (complete with City & Guilds logo, City & Guilds number) and DoorSafe/ADIA lanyard.

All companies and the engineers who have sat the course are promoted via our DoorSafe Register. Profiles are linked via our Member Directory.

Cards are required to be updated annually but are free of charge until after four years. Therefore if you sat the BS EN16005 in 2017 your accreditation expires in 2021 and you will be required to take our refresher course.


  • Our training day online includes videos that contain all of the same information that we would provide in a live training session.
  • Engineers can rewind the video, allowing them to repeat any information they have missed.
  • Engineers can call our trainer at any time to ask questions. This is something that many candidates have approved of as some don’t enjoy asking questions in larger groups. 
  • Online learning allows candidates to pace themselves. 
  • Saves companies time and money due to the lack of travel required. 
  • Engineers can complete the course at their own pace.


  • The ADIA want to ensure engineers are kept updated with the latest safety standard to protect the public, their jobs and their company’s reputation. 
  • It is a part of our Code of Conduct.
  • It gets automatic door engineers on site.
  • You no longer have to spend thousands on an (outdated) NVQ that takes months to complete.
  • We promote trained engineers via our DoorSafe Register and recommend them to those who inquire about automatic door work.
  • It assists you with technical issues. We constantly receive enquiries from members who haven’t sat the course and therefore are unaware of important safety factors.
  • We support our members. Our costs, however expensive they may seem, cover a lot of ground. We don’t just leave you to your own devices, we want your business to grow because of the knowledge that is constantly being developed within your company.

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