Dealing with Workplace Stress

This week we celebrated World Mental Health Day, and whilst shining a light on such an important topic is essential, it’s something we should be acknowledging daily. One huge contributor to poor mental health is work-related stress. Tackling work-related stress is not only a legal requirement but can also boost performance, reduce accidents, and improve attendance. Plus, it’s also a significant focus for the HSE.

One way to help support your employees regarding work-related stress is stress risk assessments. To help you get to grips with carrying out a thorough stress risk assessment our Preferred Supplier, Citation has shared this great FREE guide. Download now and become an expert in stress risk assessments, spotting the signs of work-related stress and how to help and support your employees when they need it most.

If you’d like to chat about how Citation can help with the HR and Health & Safety side of your business contact and she will provide you with information.