ADIA Diplomas: Developing Skills in the Automatic Door Industry

The ADIA provides an extensive array of specialised courses designed for various roles in the automatic door industry. Our comprehensive ADIA Diplomas are created to offer in-depth training and knowledge in areas crucial to the industry. These include safe installation, accurate surveying and estimating, meticulous servicing and repairing, and effective commissioning of automatic door operators and accessories.

Each Diploma comprises a selection of our individual courses. Upon successful completion of these courses, candidates receive not only course-specific certificates but also an overarching Diploma certificate, symbolising their expertise in the field.

We offer the following Diplomas:

Upon receiving your application, the ADIA Training Manager will issue an invoice. After payment, candidates will be granted access to self-study materials. Each course completion results in a City & Guilds certificate, culminating in the award of the overall Diploma certificate.

These Diplomas represent significant milestones for both new and experienced engineers, enhancing your team’s skills and making your company more appealing to potential clients. Engineers will develop new competencies, enabling them to work effectively in the automatic door industry and make positive contributions to the organisation.

If you haven’t used your free annual course, it can be applied to one of the Diploma courses, providing a discount on your Diploma invoice. 

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