Since 2013 the ADIA has taken pride in offering members a large range of benefits and services to members, giving them the opportunity and assistance to grow. Within that time we have NEVER increased the cost of our membership subscription, only increasing the services on offer to our dedicated membership.

Our members know they can come to us with any question or request and we will work our hardest in providing them with the best quality service we can deliver.

A small but dedicated team, we have a personable approach and always cater to each individual company’s needs.

We make sure the benefits on offer to members will help their business grow, helping the industry reach its full potential in keeping their clients and customers safe.


  1. Free training course- ADIA Installer members get one free course per year saving them up to £420 annually! In addition, all members have access to 7 free health and safety courses.
  2. Free card renewals for ADIA members – Engineers who have completed the BS EN16005 with the ADIA can get their cards renewed free of charge (until a refresher is required after four years). Cards contain a QR code linking to their DoorSafe profile (more on that below).
  3. Access to over 15 courses – The ADIA has an extensive range of training courses to suit many roles within the industry. Check them out here. All practical training courses (ones that require an online video training call/exam) will receive a City & Guilds accreditation.
  4. Distance learning and training – No longer do engineers need to sit in a classroom. No longer do engineers need to take a whole day off work in order to complete their exams. Engineers study and learn independently before completing a training session via video call and sitting their exam.
  5. Discounted tools and items – The ADIA sell a host of useful items at a discounted rate to ensure members have exactly what they need.
  6. Free online servicing form – If you’re wanting to go paperless and complete risk assessments quickly, allowing you to invoice for works on the same day, the ADIA Online Service Form is the perfect tool for members.
  7. Free HR and employment advice – Our partner, Citation, provides members with regular updates on guides to ensure their business runs smoothly. They also offer a discounted service to ADIA members.
  8. Free promotion – All members are listed on the ADIA Directory. To get the most out of your entry, members should provide a detailed but short description of their business, a good quality logo, up-to-date contact information as well as images that we can include in your online portfolio. We also allow members to have small advertising space on our Directory and blog sidebar, linking to a product or service. Suppliers are also welcome to send special offers or information to be included in the ADIA newsletter which is sent quarterly via email.
  9. DoorSafe Register – Any engineers who have an up-to-date BS EN16005 card will be listed on the DoorSafe Register. This list is what we promote to those contacting us for a door company recommendation.
  10. Free job advertising – Should members have a vacancy, we will be happy to promote this on our jobs page and promote it via social media.
  11. Access to NVQs and CSCS cards – In 2017, the ADIA partnered with CSCS to offer ADIA members a blue CSCS Skilled Workers card on completion of the BS EN16005 accredited by City & Guilds. Our course was mapped against the NVQ and deemed to be the same standard. In January 2020, the ADIA was then required to only deliver CSCS cards to those who completed the BS EN16005 before this date and to those who had completed the NVQs and ADIA BS EN16005. This is why we became an NOCN centre. Therefore, we have constructed an easy yet efficient and cost-effective solution in order to give members their qualification as well as their BS EN16005 training, accredited by City & Guilds.  Our training and assessments are completed by ADIA staff members with everything being completed digitally or over the phone. We will create a digital portfolio and have discussions regarding your skills and work.  You can apply for the NVQ here. You can find out more information here.
  12. Discounted services – See all of our discounted services here which include useful day to day items as well as business savings.


If you’re a member and wish to find out more about any of our benefits, please contact us today! You can email and she will send you useful information on the services we provide. Alternatively, you can telephone Paul, who will be able to discuss benefits and training.