Discounted Fuel

ADIA Members are entitled to FREE fuel cards!

  • Savings of up to 3-4p per litre*
  • A weekly fixed price on diesel, even at expensive stations, including motorways !
  • Simplified administration and no unclaimed VAT !
  • Credit on your fuel purchase
  • No contract or tie in
  • The Keyfuels card can be used at 1 in 5 sites in the UK, all at one price, regardless of what price it says at the pump.
  • A weekly fixed price on diesel at over 1700 stations.
  • Access to around 1 in 5 stations in the UK
  • HMRC VAT approved invoicing, without the need for receipts
  • One simple invoice and payment by direct debit for your fuel
  • Complete fuel and mpg reporting
  • Sat nav files and data integration with Telematics
  • Full range of fixed price & pump price card is also available

*against national average diesel prices