ADIA Commisioning Course

The ADIA Online Commissioning is designed for those working in the commissioning of automatic doors.
It will guide you through the process of having a basic understanding of the risks associated with automatic pedestrian doors and allow you to confidently commission a newly installed automatic door.

The course provides learners with an online platform to learn safety procedures when approving any new automatic pedestrian door installations or retrofitted doors.

After the self-study is complete you will complete an online multiple choice exam.

Self Study + Online Test
£150 + VAT


Why take our course?

  • Is only available to ADIA members
  • Is a fully online course and assessment with no time limits
  • Has full audio voiceover
  • Is approximately  takes 1-2 hours completion
  • Certificate can be printed directly from your home or office


Who is this course for?

For those who:

  • are wishing to extend their knowledge in commissioning automatic doors
  • are upskilling
  • have a role within their company of commissioning automatic doors
  • looking to add increase their certifiate porfolio


What you will learn?

By the end of the course and on completion of exam you will be able to:

  • fill in a commissioning form
  • understand the risks in which automatic pedestrian doors can pose.
  • understand the procedure of testing sensors on both types of doors
  • understand how forces are measured on automatic doors
  • ensure all other accessories and attachments are working before handing over to the client


On successful completion of the course (over 80% pass rate) you will be sent an ADIA certificate. This will show your commitment to excellence, making you stand out from your competitors.