We are happy to announce that the ADIA have partnered with the FDIS (Fire Door Inspection Scheme) to offer our members 20% off the FDIS Diploma.

The FDIS Diploma in Fire Doors is a series of online education modules designed to broaden your knowledge of fire door requirements in commercial and residential buildings.

You can study the modules in your own time and wherever it’s most convenient for you.

Key features of the FDIS diploma programme:

  • Foundation module: Provides a basic understanding of fire doors and their components, including testing and certification, regulations and standards, inspection and maintenance.
  • Timber fire doors and frames: Gives a more detailed look at timber fire and escape doorsets, their construction, installation and functional performance.
  • Metal fire doors: Provides information on how steel doors differ from timber doors, how they are tested, glazed, installed and maintained.
  • Glazing: Gives detailed guidance on the different types of fire resistant glass, glazed apertures, glazing retention systems and beading and the importance of getting it right.
  • Seals: Gives detailed information on the function and technology of intumescent, acoustic and smoke seals, how they’re identified and installed.
  • Ironmongery and signage (Part 1): Covers why each type of ironmongery is essential, critical issues about installation, how to check it is functioning correctly and when the item should be replaced.
  • Ironmongery and signage (Part 2): Covers essential and non-essential ironmongery, the requirements for panic escape mechanisms and signage on fire doors.
  • Transition module: Only for diploma holders who wish to become an FDIS Certificated Inspector.

Each module looks at the relevant regulations and standards that apply to fire door components and how certification is crucial to compliance.

Once you feel you are confident with the contents of the modules, you can sit the final exam. Simple online booking makes this easy to fit in with personal schedules and the exam can be taken at a test centre near you.

If you complete the exam successfully you will be told the result there and then.

Members should simply log in www.theadia.co.uk/members and click on the Courses page where they will see a list of the courses we have to offer. There you will find the instructions and discount code to obtain 20% off the FDIS Diploma. 

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