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Helix Technical Services LTD
Helix Technical Services LTD


Helix Technical Services is a construction company with multiple specialties and services provided, including reactive and programmed works as a preferred contractor across a range of sites and clients in London such as Canary Wharf, Greenwich, Mayfair and more.

Access Control:We provide a wide range of services, from maintenance to installation of access control systems, automatic doors & automatic gates.

Electrical:From smaller tasks such as switch replacements to the installation of armoured, high voltage cable, we specialise in a range of electrical works.

Ventilation:We provide a wide range of services such as installation, and servicing of ventilation systems, such as Kitchen Extract Cleaning, Smoke Extractions, Fire Damper Servicing to name a few.

Firestopping:We install a variety of fire protection systems, such as Fire Batting, Fire Mortar and Intumescent Sealant to compartmentalise and prevent the spread of fires in buildings.

Plumbing:Our team are able to perform a range of plumbing tasks from pipe removals to installation, pump replacement and more.

Fabrication and Mechanical:From installing and upgrading various lifter systems to the creation of core holes for cabling and pipework, our team and skilled in a range of fabrication for any need.

Decorating:We employ a team of skilled tradesmen who are able to perform various painting and other decorative works.


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