When you are a member of the ADIA you get A LOT of benefits. But one of those is especially useful for money saving.

And that is ONE FREE BS EN16005 course and exam, worth £540, for Installer* members.

Getting the BS EN16005 for your engineers has an array of benefits for your business:

  • Each engineer who has passed the BSEN16005 course and exam will have a City & Guilds accreditation.
  • Each engineer will receive a CSCS card specific to the BS EN16005.
  • Clients looking for BS EN16005 accredited engineers are more likely to hire you because of your safety knowledge.
  • Your company and engineers will be promoted through our DoorSafe website.
  • Your engineers will be able to display their understanding of automatic door safety via their City & Guilds accreditation visible on their CSCS card and certificate.
  • There is a decreased risk of automatic door errors meaning a lower chance of injury to the public.

You can see more of what is included when you book the BS EN16005 here.

So, whether you’re entitled to take the free BSEN16005 or not, you should ensure you and your staff are trained and informed to avoid a risk to public safety, a break in company integrity and large pay outs to those ho are injured as well as a potential loss of business.. You can see our current dates here. Not a member? Join today!

*Installer members do not include Sole Traders who install or maintain automatic doors.

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