BFT Automation (UK) Ltd

BFT Automation (UK) Ltd
BFT Automation (UK) Ltd


Bft Automation design, manufacture and distribute entrance automation technology which controls access for people and vehicles in residential, commercial and urban environments.

We are best known for door and gate automation technology but over the last 35 years, our product range has expanded to include traffic barriers, automatic bollards and parking management systems.

Our headquarters are based in Schio in the province of Vicenza, Northern Italy. We operate across 120 countries worldwide through 20 subsidiary branches and 530 distributors.

Bft Automation is organised into different business units vertical groupings which carry out the functions of a company within a company, sharing the information and skills that enable us to design the solutions that our customers have come to expect.

The Residential & Industrial business unit is focused on developing automated entry systems for private homes and businesses. The second business unit Commercial & Urban is dedicated to infrastructure solutions for larger-scale operators that experience high flows of people and vehicles which includes not only road barriers, bollards and automatic doors but access control and parking systems.

We have three offices in the United Kingdom and Ireland providing a nationwide distribution network with offices located in Stockport, Swindon and Dublin.