We all know that the BS EN16005 covers pedestrian doors within public spaces. What about automatic doors in the home?

The elderly and disabled rely on care managers and social services to provide them with adequate living conditions. And that can often include automatic doors in the home. However, how do you know if someone who is qualified to do so is fitting the door? Although care agencies do hire automatic door companies to fit these operators in the home, there is nothing that legally states how it should be done to keep the homeowner feeling safe.

The ADIA spoke to Karen, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, and is permanently in a wheelchair, about her automatic door:

“Being able to go outside as and when I feel like it is a privilege after years of relying on others. But I know very little about who fitted the operator and I am still waiting for certain parts to be added to the door. I would feel safer knowing that all those who fit automatic doors have adequate training, knowledge and a certification to do so.”

We at the ADIA feel it would be beneficial for all automatic door engineers to complete the BS EN16005 course and exam, simply to give reassurance to all client types that there is additional knowledge of safety and security in the home. If you wish to sit the BS EN16005 please click here.

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