The ADIA are happy to announce that we are now providing members with NVQ Diplomas in order for them to receive an ADIA BS EN16005 CSCS Card!


  • What are the NVQs available?

The Diplomas are:

Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Specialist Installation Occupations (Construction) – Door and Shutter Systems – Installation  

Qualification Code: QUA800 


Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Specialist Installation Occupations (Construction) – Door and Shutter Systems – Repair 

Qualification Code: QUB800 

Five units must be completed for each NVQ.


  • How much is an NVQ?

NVQ only:
Per NVQ, per engineer, is £450 + VAT.

One NVQ and BS EN16005 Bundle:
£750 + VAT (£50 off when booked together)

  • What is the NVQ process?
  1. You must complete the ADIA Health & Safety Test (free of charge) before applying for the NVQ.
  2. Complete the ADIA NVQ Application form.
  3. Make the first payment on application.
  4. We will register you with NOCN.
  5. Induction to complete the registration documents, agree the qualification standards be undertaken, have the aims and performance criteria explained to them and complete the skill and knowledge questions. 
  6. We build your portfolio with documents and evidence provided by yourself/your employer. These will include observations and questions on your knowledge and skills.
  7. On completion, final payment to be paid.
  8. Once you have reached the required standard your portfolio will be signed off and passed through to the NVQ assessing board who will issue the certificate. 
  9. When the ADIA BS EN16005 has been completed, then the CSCS card will be issued.


  • When can I apply for an NVQ?

You can apply for an NVQ here.

  • Can I get a CSCS card without doing an NVQ?

Yes – If you completed the BS EN16005 before January 2020, your cards will be renewed as CSCS.
No – If you completed the BS EN16005 after January 2020, you must do the NVQ.

  • What are the benefits of undertaking an NVQ?
  • You will get more work due to it being a recognised qualification
  • You will gain access to a larger variety of sites with the CSCS card 
  • It is proof that your employee has attained competence in the national occupational standard 
  • It is less hassle to get workers on-site as their employees are part of the CSCS card scheme 
  • Customers will be impressed at the willingness for development within your company and will trust the work being carried out. 

  • What if I have not completed the BS EN16005?

If you currently have an ADIA BS EN16005 card you will be asked to provide your card number at the time of booking your NVQ. 

If you haven’t completed the BS EN16005, you are recommended to book your course at the same time as the NVQ to receive a £50 discount and to ensure you receive your CSCS on completion of both.


  • I need a CSCS card ASAP, can you help?

Apply for your NVQ and you can receive a Trainee card which is valid for one year whilst you complete the NVQ and the ADIA BS EN16005.

  • What makes your NVQ different from other providers?

    Once your login has been activated, we will ask for a range of documents to help build your portfolio quicker:
    • Portfolios are digital. We will ask for documents to be uploaded to your own individual page which we will deliver to NOCN.
    • Our NVQs are at a discounted rate.
    • Unless required, we will deliver assessments via video and Skype meaning no travel costs will be added to your bill. Your invoice will be at a flat rate.
    • Our NVQ should take approximately 3 months to complete (based on information provided by the candidate)


  • Can I use my free course against the NVQ?

As with the ADIA Diplomas, you will not be able to use your free course against the NVQ. You can, however, use it for the BS EN16005 if you so wish.

Please note that you can no longer get a CSCS card by completing the BS EN16005 alone UNLESS you are renewing/replacing a card prior to January 2020. 

Terms and conditions apply. 

For further questions regarding the NVQ please email  


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